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Selenamod Choice in Leather

Selenamod Choice in Leather

Selenamod strives to deliver the best quality leather that we use in our furniture whether it be a sectional, sofa set and bedroom sets. We also value our customers input and comments. Based on the majority of our clients that have purchased our Italian leathers, their feedback has always been good – as in “happy with the quality of the leather,” “it’s very soft to the touch,” “love the modern design with the power reclining and adjustable headrest,” and much more. But of course, we want to accommodate our other clients that would like to spend within their budgets and has opted for bonded leather.  

                               (Top Grain Italian Leather Sectional)


Italian Leather

Selenamod has partnered with an Italian company that produces one of the best Italian leather. It is then shipped to our manufacturers in China. It is called Italian leather because of the tanning method using natural, vegetable ingredients that has been invented in the Tuscan tanneries in Italy. This is what makes the leather resistant, elastic and smooth. We carry a variety of furniture that are Italian leather in different colors. Special order is also available.

Omont Leather Sofa Set with LED Light

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Bonded Leather

In Selenamod, we recommend for our customers with big families and with pets, Bonded leather that works well on furniture in high-traffic areas like family room or even living room. We make sure that process of the bonded leather our manufacturers use contain low levels of environmentally unsafe formaldehyde since it does not undergo chemical tanning and is therefore suitable for people with leather allergies. Lastly, bonded leather furniture is significantly cheaper than real leather.


Bonded Leather VS Top Grain Italian Leather