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Every Selenamod Furniture professional works tirelessly to ensure you are completely satisfied with your high-end shopping experience. If you do wish to return your order, you may do so in accordance with our Return Policy (“Policy”) and the information set forth herein. Customers are responsible for the entire return process (“Return Process”), which include the steps, procedures, and applicable fees in accordance with this Policy. Orders that arrive at our Las Vegas, Nevada, warehouse with any damaged or missing (misplaced) items will incur an additional fee or charge, which will be deducted directly from the refund amount. Orders with open claims (i.e., orders with existing damage during delivery that result in a claim) are subject to extra charges for any additional issues caused at any point during this Return Process. Refunds will only be issued following a complete inspection of each item at our warehouse, and customers will receive their refund, LESS the applicable fees during the Return Process.



A. Key Points

  • Returns for special, online, and in-stock orders (excluding orders from our showroom) will be accepted up to thirty (30) calendar days from the order delivery date.
  • The return timeline commences on the date customers receive their orders.
  • A 35% restocking fee of the total purchase price will be applied to all orders for unauthorized returns or refused shipments (including drop-ship orders).*
  • Special orders cannot be exchanged.
  • As-is products and individual pieces of an order (e.g., chaises, chairs, coffee tables, etc.) cannot be returned or exchanged.

*An unauthorized return consists of a returned order that does need meet ALL listed criteria in Section 3 (‘Return Steps’) of this Policy.

B. Special (Custom-made) & In-stock/Online Order Return Chart

Refunds for returned items are contingent upon the time frame and condition in which an order is returned. (Please see chart below for more information.)

Return Timeline (Calendar Days)

Return Is Possible?

Applicable Fees

Day 1 - 15


Return Costs

Day 16 - 30


35% Restocking Fee + Return Costs

After 30 Days




C. Showroom (Local) Order Returns and Exchanges

Because we are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, customers with showroom orders that are delivered within the Las Vegas area (i.e., orders with a local Las Vegas, Nevada, shipping address) qualify for a one-time complimentary delivery opportunity. Returns are accepted within ten (10) calendar days from the delivery date. Orders that are returned within five (5) calendar days from the delivery date will not incur restocking fees. Orders returned after the 5-day period are subject to a 25% restocking fee of the total value of the final sales price. Returns will not be allowed after 10 calendar days from the date customers receive their orders. Customers will be responsible for the same Return Process steps for all in-stock/online and special orders in accordance with the terms of this Policy. At a customer’s request, we may assist with the Return Process (order packaging and pick-up), but a service fee in the amount of $199.00 will be applied. This fee is subject to change based on the number of products being returned, and this service and price apply only to showroom orders delivered within the Las Vegas, Nevada, area. Any showroom order needs to be shipped to our warehouse in the original packaging and in its new, unused condition. Additional charges may apply to returned items that are damaged while in a customer’s possession. As-is items are not eligible for returns.



A. Return Steps


NOTE: All returns MUST be confirmed via email in order to proceed to Step 2.

B. Refund Process

Once we receive a returned order, our warehouse team will carefully inspect the packaging and contents. Upon completion of this Return Process, we will issue a refund, less the applicable return costs as per the terms of this Policy. The general inspection and refund process time frame is normally 3–5 business days from the date a returned order arrives at our warehouse, but this is subject to change due to various factors. For more information on the status of your return, contact us directly.

4. Cancellations


A. Restrictions

Special orders are not able to be canceled once they are in transit to the Port of Long Beach in California; our warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada; a carrier’s shipping terminal(s); or a customer’s shipping address. Please keep in mind that a cancellation is an irreversible process that will result in the immediate removal of all items from a customer’s order details, and cancellations may result in shipping, restocking fees, or other charges if a customer (a) cancels an order after—or does not submit written (email) confirmation within—the allotted free cancellation period (See ‘Cancellation Timeline’ below), or (b) is continually unreachable by a carrier or Selenamod Furniture representative to arrange a delivery date and time within a 6-month period from the date the order arrives at our warehouse. Selenamod Furniture will NOT provide refunds of any sort due to delays in the delivery of our merchandise for any of the following reasons:

  • Manufacturer scheduling conflicts
  • Limited on-hand stock and limited availability of materials
  • Severe weather conditions at or around the main shipping terminals
  • Traffic congestion across state lines or at any point before or during transit
  • High-volume shipment demands
  • Issues with the on- and off-loading of the shipping containers
  • Customs clearance (at the Port of Long Beach)
  • Holiday closures
  • Communication discrepancies from carriers
  • Any cause beyond the control of SelenamodFurniture


Timeline (from date of initial payment)

Charge (% of Total Sales Price)

Day 1 - Day 5

Complimentary Cancellation**

Day 6 - Day 20


Day 21 - Day 30


After 30 Days


**All orders that are confirmed via EMAIL or SMS will incur a processing fee of 3%–6% of the total sales price if they are then canceled within the allotted 5-day complimentary cancellation period.



See our Terms and Conditions for details.



Credit may be offered to a customer in lieu of a monetary refund. If a customer makes a purchase on an item that exceeds the amount of the issued credit, the difference can be covered by credit card or ACH transfer.


Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.


For further questions related to this Policy, contact us at (702) 413-1253.